Monk and Open Mic!

We're back! Open Mic starts at 7, with signups at 6:30. Come out for a glass of wine and play some music. Until then, Thelonious Monk. LOTS. Happy hour til 6!

Live Music and a New Zin!

Happy hour's over, but we still have live music tonight with no cover! We also just got in a new California Zin, along with a exciting new red blend, Rhiannon!

Open Mic and Annalise!

Welcome back from our late weekend! We're ready to kick off our week with Happy Hour 4-6, followed by Open Mic Night from 7-10, with a showcase from Reno's own poet, Annalise Sierra! Come for the Cabernet; stay for the poetry. Signups for Open Mic begin around 6pm. See you there!

Kristian with a K!

Come on out Saturday, 9/23, to Fine Vines Wine Bar for live music with Kristian with a K. He goes on at 7. Enjoy one of our new craft beer selections and have a blast!

Classic Rock!

Apothic closes out the night at Bacchus Fest tonight, followed by a jam session! Come end the evening with a glass of Pinot Noir and enjoy the music with us! We'll be auctioning away a basket of hangover cures!


Come out to see Twisted Roots at 6:30 tonight at Bacchus Fest! Enjoy their delta blues and classic rock while you sip on our new red wine, a zinfandel called Erostasia! You may even win a raffle prize!


Hey everybody! Brittany Straw goes on at 4:30 during Bacchus Fest! Enjoy her great singing with a great glass of chardonnay or any other wine or craft beer!

Sea Shanties!

Come on out to Bacchus Fest this Saturday to see Gabe Plank, who does folk music, Americana, and sea shanties! He goes on at 1:30, and you can enjoy a new craft beer while he plays, the Volcanic double IPA!


Reno area songwriter Dashel Milligan is playing Bacchus Fest at 2:30! Come enjoy his set and take part in the silent auction, and maybe even win a bottle of wine to take home!

Jazz Time!

Get ready for Rick "The Saxman" Metz at BacchusFest, on at 3:30! There'll be raffle prizes all day, too, and of course, great wine and craft beer!

Bacchus Fest Countdown!

It's almost here! Begin countdown!

Fine Vines will be reopening officially as a wine bar with craft beer and live music/entertainment most nights of the week. This Saturday, come out for an all-day, all-night festival of music, wine, food, raffle giveaways, and other fun! A portion of all proceeds go to charity.

Open Mic!

Up-and-coming musicians: looking for a stage where you can share your talents? Fine Vines hosts an open mic night every single Tuesday! Hosted by Lenny El Bajo, open mic occurs right after happy hour ends, and is an excellent venue where you can perform a few songs, and then relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the many other talented local artists!

Live Music!

Looking for a cozy evening with a nice glass of wine, staying out of the rain? Fine Vines has Island Style Music by Peter Pacyao tonight! Come enjoy live music, no cover, that'll make you feel like you're in Hawaii instead of the rain!


Hey wine enthusiasts! Looking for the most exciting new/old wine bar in town? Fine Vines has remodeled itself into a wine bar, with happy hour every day from 4-6pm and live music almost every night of the week! Stay tuned for updates. 

Food, Mood, and Wine

I'm guessing that on average I taste about 10 new wines a week to evaluate whether I'm going to stock them or not. Most of the time the tasting are pretty straightforward. There are winners and losers. Some days though everything tastes bad, other days everything tastes great. I don't actually trust when either of these happen. Usually it means something is off with my palate that day. I learned that buying something on an "everything is awesome!" day will lead to disappointment later at least some of the time. If everything tastes awful on a particular day it's worth my while to reevaluate those wines on a different day.

Sometimes the way you appreciate a wine (or don't as the case may be) is circumstantial. What are you eating it with? Are you with friends and having a good time? Are you having a bad day? All of these things play a role. A common thing that happens around here: someone has a great bottle of wine with dinner at a restaurant, they come on and order a case, they take the wine home and are very excited. The next time I see them they will tell me, "The wine is good, but I remember it being different when I had it at the restaurant." The wine is the same, but the context has changed. 


You Can't Be Wrong in Wine

"You can't be wrong in your taste in wine", is one of the maxims that I pretty much live by. Wine is entirely a matter of personal taste. It doesn't matter if other people's tastes match up with yours. Wine is a lot like food in that way. Wine is food according to a most of Europe. I love tacos, but I avoid chile rellenos like the plague. Treat your wine the same way. 

Some people seem ashamed that they only like sweet wines, or only drink whites, or whatever. You shouldn't be. There are some great sweet wines out there. Delicious and complex rieslings and gewürztraminers, or simple and fun moscatos. There's this idea out there that "serious" wine drinkers drink big complex reds. I'm not interested in that sort of snobbery and I think it does more harm than good. Wine can be serious but it doesn't always have to be. Wine can also be something that tastes delicious, quenches your thirst, and gives you a buzz. If you like something drink it.