You Can't Be Wrong in Wine

"You can't be wrong in your taste in wine", is one of the maxims that I pretty much live by. Wine is entirely a matter of personal taste. It doesn't matter if other people's tastes match up with yours. Wine is a lot like food in that way. Wine is food according to a most of Europe. I love tacos, but I avoid chile rellenos like the plague. Treat your wine the same way. 

Some people seem ashamed that they only like sweet wines, or only drink whites, or whatever. You shouldn't be. There are some great sweet wines out there. Delicious and complex rieslings and gewürztraminers, or simple and fun moscatos. There's this idea out there that "serious" wine drinkers drink big complex reds. I'm not interested in that sort of snobbery and I think it does more harm than good. Wine can be serious but it doesn't always have to be. Wine can also be something that tastes delicious, quenches your thirst, and gives you a buzz. If you like something drink it.